A Girl from Yamhill

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A Girl from Yamhill

  • by Beverly Cleary
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A Girl from Yamhill
By Beverly Cleary

  • Publisher:   HarperTrophy
  • Number Of Pages:   352
  • Publication Date:   1996-10-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN:   0380727404
  • ISBN-13 / EAN:   9780380727407
  • Binding:   Paperback


Product Description:


Generations of children have grown up with Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby, and all of their friends, families, and assorted pets. For everyone who has enjoyed the pranks and schemes, embarrassing moments, and all of the other poignant and colorful images of childhood brought to life in Beverly Cleary books, here is the fascinating true story of the remarkable woman who created them.


Summary: Oregon - Two Early Decades
Rating: 5

Beverly Cleary, an esteemed librarian and author of numerous children's books, shares her story about growing up in Yamhill, Oregon in the roaring twenties and depression thirties. She was born in 1916 and resides in California today. I quickly ordered the sequel, 'My Own Two Feet".

The book is a revealing glimpse at a sensitive and curious young girl, an only child, coping with early childhood and her school years in Oregon. The Williamette Valley and Portland, Oregon, are beautifully described as the area was in the early 20th. century.

Beverly shares family pictures, provides pioneer ancestor background, describes her schools and teachers, social life and interests in a delightfully easy to read manner. Her mother taught Beverly book appreciation, as well as music and reminded her always to "use her imagination"!

I love this woman for her keen insights and independence, and recommend her memoir (and all her children's books as well.) It is surprisingly different from other memoirs and holds your interest all the way thru, leaving you wanting to know more about her as she connects with the reader in a personal way.

Summary: A memoir of a book review
Rating: 4

Beverly Cleary
A girl from Yamhill
Author: Beverly Cleary

Mostly all children love and grow up reading Beverly Cleary's books. But some wonder, "What was her childhood like?" In this autobiography, Beverly Cleary tells the story of her life. It starts out from when she's a little girl living on a big farm in Yamhill, Oregon and goes all the way until she's in her senior year in Portland. Beverly lived in Portland near Klickitat Street which inspired her for the Ramona series, which are one of the most favored today.
Once, Beverly's elementary teacher assigned her class a creative writing project. When Beverly turned in hers, her teacher was so pleased with her writing that she read Beverly's paper out loud to the class and told her she had a gift for writing. Beverly wasn't a really good speller in elementary school. Her class held a spelling bee and she was given the word "beautiful" to spell. She started out with "beau..." but someone gasped which made Beverly think she'd spelled it wrong. Beverly ended up spelling the word "beau..." and was disqualified. When she was younger she wouldn't read any books. Her mother didn't understand. All of Beverly's relatives loved reading. Eventually, one time she was sick, she finally found her love for reading.
I really enjoyed this book and would rate it a 4 and a half because I myself love Beverly's books and it was really interesting to read about her life. I usually don't like biographies/ autobiographies, but this one really got me interested.
I think Beverly's a little like me because we both refused to read when we were little. I didn't hate reading, but all of the books I wanted to read weren't the kinds of book my mom wanted me to read. I wanted to read books about teen life and very up-to-date. My mother wanted me to read historical fiction and/or nonfiction. I love all books now except for nonfiction.
Beverly's style of writing is creative, descriptive and very fun to read. Most of her books are for younger children but she has written a couple for teens.

Summary: beautiful simplicity
Rating: 5

i loved the ramona quimby books growing up. i read them until they fell apart. after reading A Girl from Yamhill, i'm considering buying and reading them all over again. Beverly Cleary writes so simply with few descriptions and yet you can see, hear, smell, feel everything she writes about. i am never left wondering or wanting. her love of people and places, especially when she writes about her grandparents and Puddin', shines through without the annoying wordiness i find in other memoirs.

i especially loved the pictures scattered throughout the books. she is adorable and you can see a little bit of ramona in her. :)

Summary: a memoir by Beverly Clearly
Rating: 4

_A Girl From Yamhill_ by Beverly Clearly is a memoir. She writes about her memories of Beverly's early life to where she escapes her home to go to junior college in California.
Beverly tells us when her first baby tooth came out, when she recieved her first love letter from a boy she liked for 3 years. Beverly also tells us about her first date Gerhart she despised.
It is a great book that everyone will love.

Summary: I didn't want it to end
Rating: 5

I ordered Beverly Cleary's two autobiographies on Amazon, and recieved them last week. The first of the two is called, "A Girl From Yamhill" and the second is, "My Own Two Feet". Both are excellently written. The first is of her childhood until she goes off to college and the second is her college days and a few years beyond. She has a style of writing that makes you feel as though you have known her your whole life and are the dearest of friends. What amazed me the most about these books is how timeless they are. Even though she grew up during the depression and went to college before the advent of computers and the technology boom, it was eye opening to see that the human condition and experiences don't really change all that much. She is an excellent storyteller, and the words on the page lept into my mind's eye and I could see it unfold before as if I were watching it on a movie screen. I was sad to see the first book end, but glad that I had ordered the second book as well. Then when I finished the second book I found myself wishing that she had written another book to tell more of her life's stories. I finished reading them both within a couple of days and found myself doing something I have never done before. I immediately began to read them again ( I am currently half way through the first book). If you grew up loving her children's books as I did, then these are a must have.